Who’s “Bob” and What’s He Doing Here?

Stu Hackman Small Group DirectorWhat is the difference between Stu’s News and Ask Bob? Who is this “Bob” anyway?

The purpose of Stu’s News is to provide resources for all small groups so that we can make good on the promise we make to new and existing small group members. That promise is to assist each small group in fulfilling its God-given purpose by Sharing Our Lives, Caring for Others, and Reflecting on God’s Word.

The focus of Ask Bob is to answer specific questions that leaders have on how to effectively lead their small group.

So, Who is Bob?  Let’s ask his wife, Mary LaTurner.

Stu: Mary, Who is Bob?

Mary: Bob is my sweetheart of about 60 years.

Stu: How long has Bob been involved with Small Groups?

Mary: Bob is a retired business consultant who has used his business transferable principles in facilitating small Bible Study Groups for 40 years.

Stu: How does Bob know so much about Small Groups?

Mary: God definitely gave Bob a passion for small groups. Having moved numerous times in his career, he has facilitated groups in the U.S. A. and Asia in at least 8 different churches. He had the privilege of being mentored by an outstanding pastor whose heart was dedicated to the Small Group Ministry.

Stu: What is the secret to a great small group?

Mary: One of the secrets to a great small group is working on developing each small group member into a shepherd for every other member of the group. Not a bad example as our Lord Jesus was called the Good Shepherd.
God promises to equip us to do this if we just ask Him.

Stu: How do you decide what question to answer in “Ask Bob”?

Mary:  At the Winter Kickoff, leaders were asked, “What is your top need for your small group?”  We will choose from your answers and new needs that arise. Some of [those responses] were:

  • One person talks too much and dominates the group.
  • Getting people to talk and share what is going on in their life.
  • Getting to know each other more personally and developing Christ-Centered friendships.
  • Getting people to attend and arrive on time.
  • Reflecting and applying God’s Word and coming prepared.
  • Prayer requests that are not personal
  • Sharing Care needs and the group responding to care for others.

We are privileged to have Bob LaTurner and his wife Mary bring their experience in Small Groups to E-Free.

Do you have any questions that didn’t make this list?  If so, contact Stu and perhaps we can feature it in a future post.  (All questions will be anonymous.)

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