Winter 2014 Workshop: Are You Pregnant?

The Winter Small Group Workshop on January 11, 2014 was highlighted by our guest presenter, Dr Phil Foster, of the Institute of Christian Psychology.    His talk titled, ARE YOU PREGNANT? Or How to Deliver a Baby  gave guidance as to how typical small group can facilitate Sharing our lives, Reflecting on God’s Word and Caring for others (i.e. the E-Free Small Group mission).

This highly beneficial workshop is reprised here in a ten-part video series (most in tiny bite-sized portions).  Taking these teachings to heart will increase your effectiveness as a small group leader.  To get maximum benefit, follow along with these handouts: Are You Pregnant and Johari Window Model.

SHARE – Discusses the levels of connecting.   Use Ice Breakers.  What level of risk are we willing to take?

REFLECT – Spiritual Formation.  Are you pregnant?  Is Christ being formed in you?

CARE – The delivery phase.  Do you know how to deliver a baby?  Do you care enough to help someone where Christ is being formed in them?

If you have any questions, please contact your small group coach or Email Stu.



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