What is special about being in a Small Group?

Stu Hackman Small Group DirectorOnce someone considers E-Free their church home, “getting connected” with others to develop authentic friendships best happens in a Small Group of usually 3-14 people. A typical small group gathering should include a time to share life experiences (Share Your Lives), a Bible-based discussion (Reflect on God’s Word) and Care for each other in prayer and action (Care). Successful small groups have each of these attributes present each gathering. We hope to help your small group to continue to improve so that attending your small group is the best hour and a half for them each week.

Starting Point is a four week session, offered throughout the year, where you can attend a small group experience before joining a small group. It is done in a fun and relaxing atmosphere similar to our small group communities, but lasts just 4 short weeks. It occurs at the 11AM hour on Sundays.

Please be encouraged. What you do leading and participating in your small group is very important for people new to E-Free and possibly new to Jesus Christ to experience Care and connection with others.

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