The Coach’s Role in Small Groups

Coach with MegaphoneNearly 400 of the 600 or so adults who attend E-Free are part of a Small Group.   So…

What is considered a small group?

What will my Coordinator (“Coach”) do to help our small group?

Small Groups at E-Free have three core values;

  1. Share our Lives – Create a safe environment to know each other personally.
  2. Reflect on God’s Word – Encourage personal response to a passage rather than just looking for the typical answer.
  3. Care for Others – Provide prayer and help for those inside and outside the group.

Small Group Coordinator (Coach);

  1. Your first line contact; when your small group needs help in these 3 values.
  2. Encourage you and your small group (one on one or visiting group).
  3. Add new people to your small group.
  4. Partner with you at Fall & Winter training workshops.
  5. Passes on your suggestions for E-Free Small Groups to the Director.

It is our desire that each person at E-Free can say;

  • I have a circle of friends who know me personally.
  • I have a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • I am cared for and therefore desire to care for others.

Please keep in contact your Small Group Coach.  If you need contact information, please call the church office or email Stu.

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