Healthy Small Groups: Sharing the Load

What do I mean by “Share the load?”

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After 15 years leading and observing small groups, I’ve found that those small groups that are healthy usually have multiple people and couples taking leadership roles.  Nearly all of the small groups that have inadequate work distribution struggle and die.

We have 40 small groups at E-Free that are healthier now than last year or the year before.

Sharing the load means your small group has these leadership roles filled by one or more  persons or couples in your small group:

Leader Person with primary responsibility for the group. Groups are named after its leaders.

Co-leader  Those who serve as the leader’s backup and performs various routine duties to support that leader.

Apprentice  Webster defines Apprentice as “one who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers a trade, art, or calling.”  The leader delegates to apprentices in order to facilitate discussion or to serve in other roles.

Communicator Person who distributes information about the group to group members and to the church office. (This could be done by a Co-Leader.)

Serving Leader Individuals or couples who organize at least one group community serving activity per year.

Social Coordinator  Person that plans one social gathering per quarter.

Discipler  Those willing to meet one-on-one with seekers or new believers who join the group.

At our Winter Small Group Leaders Workshop, the majority the leaders said they preferred to blog on the small group website rather than Facebook.    Hearing what other small groups are doing is always the highlight of every Small Group Leader Workshop, so I am sure every small group leader would like to hear what other small groups are doing about “sharing the load.”

This time, I really want to hear from every one of our 40 small groups!

What of the above leader roles are being done in your small group and who is filling that role?

Feel free to also share how this is done and any other roles people take on in your small group.  Just click below and start typing.  We are all anxiously waiting to hear about your small group.

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One Response to Healthy Small Groups: Sharing the Load

  1. CoolHappyGuy says:

    I am the communicator (I take attendance). Technically, Anne Weatherly & I are the group leaders. The reality is that our group takes a “tag team” approach in that, generally, the leader of a given meeting depends on who’s house we’re meeting in.

    We take a democratic approach in our other roles: we discuss it among the group until we reach some consensus.

    We haven’t had to assume the apprentice and discipler roles because we don’t have any new “seekers” and our group isn’t anticipating splitting into a new group.

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