The Coach’s Role in Small Groups

Coach with MegaphoneNearly 400 of the 600 or so adults who attend E-Free are part of a Small Group.   So…

What is considered a small group?

What will my Coordinator (“Coach”) do to help our small group?

Small Groups at E-Free have three core values;

  1. Share our Lives – Create a safe environment to know each other personally.
  2. Reflect on God’s Word – Encourage personal response to a passage rather than just looking for the typical answer.
  3. Care for Others – Provide prayer and help for those inside and outside the group.

Small Group Coordinator (Coach);

  1. Your first line contact; when your small group needs help in these 3 values.
  2. Encourage you and your small group (one on one or visiting group).
  3. Add new people to your small group.
  4. Partner with you at Fall & Winter training workshops.
  5. Passes on your suggestions for E-Free Small Groups to the Director.

It is our desire that each person at E-Free can say;

  • I have a circle of friends who know me personally.
  • I have a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • I am cared for and therefore desire to care for others.

Please keep in contact your Small Group Coach.  If you need contact information, please call the church office or email Stu.

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Dealing with Tardy Group Members

Dealing with Late Group Members

©2012 Doug Michael. Used by permission.

How do I handle group members who are often late?  This is a real hindrance to ending meetings on time.

Periodically hand out the Small Group Covenant, read it out loud, ask your people if they agree with it and will do their best to follow it.  You might consider having your members sign their copy and keep it.

One of the commitments is Punctuality: the group meeting begins and ends on time.

Ask the group if they value punctuality enough to make it a priority.  If so, solicit suggestions from them as to how to begin/end on time.

Start the study 15 minutes or so after the time suggested to arrive, most late people will arrive during this time.  Ask everyone to call the leader if they will not be attending or will be late.

Ask the group if another time would make it easier to arrive on time — maybe a ½ hour later — or another day would work for everyone.

Every small group member always has the option to drop out of a small group and try another group if the schedule or group is not a good fit.   If you want to be part of this small group, please make it a priority to arrive on time.

What about YOU?  Do you have any advice or techniques that promote punctuality?  If so, please share your tips in the comments!

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Small Group Meeting at Pfleegers – October 2012

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