Reflecting on God’s Word

Stu Hackman Small Groups Director

At the Winter Kickoff, we did not spend enough time on what it means to Reflect on God’s Word.  We often hear people talk about “going deeper” when it comes to Bible Study.  What does that really mean, “going deeper”?

Going deeper in human relationships is when you or I share our real thoughts, feelings and actions with people we trust and who we know have our best interest at heart.  Bible Study is about God’s Words; so going deeper in this case is speaking and sharing our real thoughts and personal feelings about the passage and how we see God’s Words applying to our personal life in the presence of people we trust.

Going Deeper is simply asking great questions and group members giving genuine personal responses (reflecting) and/or the group leader “waiting in silence” until they do.

A small group should be a great place for this to happen.

On the other hand, Going Deeper is NOT:

  • Picking out the “right” and latest study guide.
  • Using the great video by a famous speaker.
  • Having a Bible Scholar in your small group.

Message Based Study questions are ideal for small groups because everyone heard the initial teaching on Sunday morning and now each person in the small group can “go deeper” into the passage or Bible-based topic and encourage each other.   What resources do you need?  Excellent approaches include:

  • Message Based Study from previous Sunday. (Best to allow up to a week for people to complete study so they come prepared to share).
  • Choose just the best questions for group time or add questions from Serendipity Bible about same passage.
  • Use the 3 Question Method to move people to go deeper and truly reflect on God’s Word.
  • Our list of Small Group Studies.
  • It’s ok to try other studies for a time if questions cause “transformation” not just provide “information.”

Here on the E-Free Small Groups Website, we will try to provide resources that will help you Go Deeper into God’s Word.  These resources will be found under Reflecting On God’s Word under the Our Mission tab.  Again, you can reference Small Group Studies under Resources.

What about you?  What approaches have you used that have helped you Go Deeper?  Please let us know in the comments!

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