3 Question Bible Study Method

Stu Hackman Small Groups DirectorA typical Small Group gathering includes an Ice Breaker, a Bible study and Prayer. On this website we have some suggested Ice Breakers and you likely know about taking Prayer requests and praying.

What makes a good Bible study?
How much Bible knowledge do you need to participate?

A great — but simple — tool for digging deeper into God’s Word is the 3 Question Method.  It’s effective in both the small group setting as well as in your personal devotions.

First read a passage of Scripture.  Most Bibles today have logical breaks for passages of Scripture — often with titles.  Then ask yourself — or group members — these three questions:

Question 1 – What is the passage about? Or – What does it say?
Its just that simple. Write down or say what you understand what is being said in the passage and its context. Anyone can answer this.  Just say what you see written in the passage. Everyone should then arrive at the same basic understanding.

Question 2 – What do you learn from this passage? Or – What does it mean?
Is there a warning, a command, or a promise? Is there an example to follow or not follow? This is a time for everyone to be able to share what they understand God intended in this passage. With group member feedback,  generally there will be a clear consensus of the truth being communicated.  If in doubt, then go to the Bible resources you probably have in your Bibles.

Questions 3 – How can I apply what I learned to my life? Or – What does it mean to me?
This is a personal and individual decision.  Each person should give their own answer to this question.   I like both of these questions because this is where we need to personally reflect on the truth we all understood in Question 2.

So whether you have a great deal of Bible knowledge or no Bible Study experience at all, you can participate in a Bible study in your small group.

Bible Study discussion during small group is best when the people have spent time during the week answering the study questions.

Whether your small group is studying a book of the Bible, using the Message Based Study Questions or utilizing a purchased Bible study; look to see if the 3 Question Method is being used. Many studies often use this method so why not incorporate it into your personal Bible study? I hope you are encouraged to spend time with God in His Word this week using the 3 Question Method of Bible study.

Do any of you have any experiences that you would like to share regarding the 3 Question Method? Let us know about it in the comments!

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